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Rollers http://www.yali.com.au/ congregate at mile’s end High rollers congregate at mile’s endmotor dealership’s owner likens himself to a concierge, aiming to put people in the ‘right’ roll royce or ferrari Mile’s end game:The rolls royce wraith drophead coupe in the front window of david bentil’s mile’s end motors dealership is tagged at $599, 000.For half that, a 2010 audi r8 with 3, 400 km on the clock occupies the narrow showroom’s other end.Two ferraris and a mercedes benz slr mclaren sit in between.If $299, 000 seems steep for an r8 that would fetch $170, 000 new, consider that the car was rebuilt by north carolina based underground racing to develop 1, 000 horsepower on pump gas and 1, 200 on racetrack fuel.That’s $250 a horse, about what you’d pay for a loaded buick encore compact utility vehicle. Born and raised in east london, bentil named his firm after the mile end road.That’s where he sold kirby vacuum cleaners door to door and wholesaled cars as a paying hobby while studying economics at the university of london.He hit the pavement then in something christian louboutin salesturdier than the patent leather christian louboutin wingtips he wears today with tom ford suits.A decade ago and wholesaled cars while involved in spa, tanning and music recording businesses.He took over the auto one dealership’s third off burrard premises in 2009, when pal mike wood left and, with partner aaron van pykstra, founded autoform on clark drive. Bentil said he sells around 20 cars monthly, average price $150, 000.To new and repeat clients’ desires.He could handle $6 million worth, bentil said, with six associates providing interim financing on certain cars.One such bankroller, metasoft systems president trevor skillen, is no stranger to big engines.The nine cylinder, 16 litre pratt whitney wasp junior radials in his yellow beaver and stearman aircraft each generate 450 horsepower. “I refuse to be a car salesman.I just like to put people in the right cars. “One wonders who’ll occupy what he calls the”Insane”Audi r8.Film producers understand the saying about chicken one day, feathers the next.Brightlight pictures president shawn williamson once saw even the feathers burn to a crisp.He was president of james shavick’s shavick entertainment in 2000, when fire destroyed everything the firm owned.Shavick soon reignited and, with 2005 wife and former ndp finance minister joy macphail, acquired and revitalized the gay oriented outtv channel.They recently joined google’s youtube huge subscription channel service which challenges netflix worldwide.And european co producers.They included 2005′s nine figure grossing white noise, starring michael keaton.Now, with hegyes history, williamson says brightlight produces eight to 10 tv movies annually, each worth $2 million to $3 million.With jonathan kaplan, he has produced four of 10 one hour episodes of witches of east end for fox 21.He’s also executive producer of horns, which will premiere sept.8 At the toronto international film festival.As”A bad winger”Who learned to skate at 35, williamson relishes brightlight having produced the 2013 mr.Hockey:The gordie howe story for the cbc and hallmark channel. Sounding louder:Screen siren pictures has its biggest budget production going since trish dolman founded the firm here in 1997.It’s a $15.5 million feature film, Hector and the Search for Happiness.Dolman and project partner christine haebler are making it with a german co producer.Stars of the film, which was shot in canada, britain, south africa and china, will likely help promote it.Not so the canadian subject of screen siren’s feted documentary eco pirate:The story of paul watson.He’s the anti whaling sea shepherd conservation society founder who skipped bail in germany in 2012 and took to the high seas to avoid arrest. Smaller scale navigators are the subject of the jizz bizz, an examination of the global human sperm trade that mother of one dolman will produce.It’s a kind of counter to the screen siren documentary some kind of love, whose brother and sister subjects are seen struggling through their late 70s. Meanwhile, a western titled i shot the sheriff will have female lovers enact a kind of 1860s thelma louise on horseback rather than in a centurylater thunderbird convertible. “Now that i have a kid,”Dolman said, meaning two year old aspen more,”I want to make a lot of money. ” But doing it recently in a ford mustang convertible helped tourism vancouver president and ceo rick antonson quit his 20 year job.

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